What are ZapStrips ?

ZapStrips are the easiest to use prescription bottle label information remover available anywhere. They will help you breathe a sigh of relief once your medication is gone and it’s time to do something with the empty Rx bottle.
This brand-new patented technology gets rid of your personal pharmacy label information—all of it—once the prescription is used and the Rx bottle is ready to be recycled or thrown away.
           Contents of a ZapStrips 10 Pack                       Contents of a ZapStrips 25 Pack          



Never Risk Your RX Info Again!

Names, phone numbers, drug names, doctor’s info—everything is taken off right down to a perfectly blank label, ready for the trash or recycle bin—and its permanent!


Here’s how ZapStrips work:

Zapstrip Single front

ZapStrips are 2” by 6” strips of proprietary material that look and feel like paper, and each has special adhesive strips that easily wraps over your existing prescription label. They are infused with an ink-erasing technology that is heat-activated by your microwave oven.
                                                                                                                                        ZapStrips Front Side
Just pull the tabs on the back to expose the adhesive strips.
Wrap ZapStrips tightly Zapstrip Single backaround your bottle labels,
place it in a microwave on high setting for 10 seconds
and the original label content just disappears.
ZapStrips…Unparalleled RX Security for You and Your Family!
                                                                                                                                         ZapStrips Back Side
Use with thermally printed labels only. Ask your pharmacist.