Don’t let an identity thief steal your identity from the

label on your prescription bottle

Erase prescription bottle labels with ZapStrips®

Medical identity theft is on the rise, and prescription-drug fraud has exploded. In fact, “dumpster diving” is a popular method of getting access to drugs and prescription information. With all the personal information that IS listed on prescription labels, it’s no wonder people should be worried about throwing away their empty prescription bottles!

Did you know that medical identity theft has a significantly higher average cost per victim than other types of identity theft? It often takes a year or more to discover that your medical information has been compromised— and it can cost on average tens of thousands of dollars to correct the problem. 


With ZapStrips® you’re safe from RX label identity theft

ZapStrips are very inexpensive–only $2.99 for 10 or $5.99 for 25




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Now there’s a super-easy, foolproof way you can permanently erase all information from prescription bottles in just seconds. It’s heat-activated ZapStrips. 

It’s almost like magic — and it’s an easy, novel way to permanently and completely get rid of personal prescription information that’s plastered all over every medication bottle. 
With ZapStrips, you can have true peace of mind when it comes to prescription security:
  • Control your privacy
  • No more worries that someone will find your prescriptions and steal information
  • No scratching and scraping, trying to tear off those impossible-to-remove RX labels


MADE-IN-THE-USA-LOGOZapStrips is unique, U.S. Patent No. 8,530,378
*Use only with thermally printed labels on empty, dry bottles. DO NOT USE WITH METALLIC BASED PRODUCTS OR BOXES. DO NOT USE WITH BOTTLES WITH FOIL SAFETY BARRIERS. Ask your pharmacist if the labels are thermally printed.